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 How To Meet, Date And Sleep With Younger Women?

Sleep With Younger Women Review



How Do You Spot Women In Their 20s And 30s Who LOVE Older Men?

A set of subtle signs can indicate whether a younger woman craves to be approached by a much older man.

More women show these signs than you might expect: you just need to know how to spot them…

…to maximize your chance of building a genuine romantic or sexual connection with that 25-year-old you can’t keep your eyes off.

Hidden signs that she’s attracted to older men – and how to spot them


Just imagine, for a moment, that you could read the minds of beautiful young women.

If you decided to approach them, you’d know exactly whether they’d reject your advances or not…

…and, in particular, whether they’re also attracted to older guys.

Would it feel daunting to make a move on them?

I’m guessing not, since you already know the outcome.

Now, unfortunately no man has this power (unless he’s hiding it well).

And it’s one of the biggest sticking points with older men who WANT to approach younger women, but don’t feel like they can:

A fear of rejection.

Specifically, the idea that a younger woman would never be attracted to a man much older than her.

If this sounds familiar, then it’s important to remember:

A single rejection ISN’T a rejection of all your best traits.

Older Men Dating And Sleeping With Ageless Younger WomenAfter all, she’s silently hoping that you’re the most charming man she’s ever met.

But everyone has slightly different attraction triggers.

You could have absolutely everything going for you… but if she simply isn’t attracted to older guys, then you won’t get very far.

Perhaps she’s just having a bad day or the environment isn’t right.

The bottom line being:

If the circumstances aren’t right, she probably won’t be that receptive to advances.

And that’s OKAY.

It’s not your fault.

But other times, the circumstances will be absolutely perfect.

That woman in her 20s who secretly adores older, mature men will cross your path.

And it’s vital to know when that moment has arrived.

This may surprise you, but older guys possess many of the traits that younger women adore in a man:

Maturity, a purpose in life, security, comfort… and much more besides.

So don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to younger ladies.

Yes, rejection can happen, and it’s not fun.

But as long as you keep approaching these women in a confident, respectful manner…

…it’s much more likely you’ll find the one who can’t get enough of you.

And here’s the best part:

You can actually SPOT the women in their 20s and 30s who are open to dating and sleeping with older men.

By knowing the secret signs that indicate she’s deeply into the older guy…

…you can make rejection a lot less likely.

Discover these signs in the link below:

Do this to attract gorgeous younger women (regardless of your own age)
Sleeping And Dating With Ageless Younger Women By Older Men


Talk soon,



PS: 9 in 10 men are clueless about this…

 Let’s get this straight now because we don’t have much time left. (I’ll tell you why in a second.)

Here we go…

The term “dirty old man” is a stereotype sewn deep into the fabric of modern dating. It goes back to the Romans and has become a comic staple today. But, when your own self becomes that character, it’s no longer a joke.

Let’s face it…

Not all men fully embrace the idea that aging comes with a silver lining.

That is, part of being an older man is that you’re so much more experienced, accomplished, and established that younger women who are in their prime simply ADORE.

Still, 9 in 10 men are clueless that these women WANT them…

(In fact, these ladies want to escape from “boys” their age who are immature and selfish.)

And what about the remaining 3% of men who DO enjoy a sexual paradise?

Nothing special about them…

But they’re able to scoop up all of the women who fantasize about being with an older man… simply by changing HOW they approach them.

In other words, as you age, the “game” changes. And you have to “evolve” in order to thrive…

Not stuck in the past, still trying to recreate what worked for you 20 years ago.

In reality, you don’t want to go out there to be a “wallpaper” while all these hot, young, fertile women pass you by (and get hitched by other older guys who know the secret you’re about to discover).

Remember I mentioned we don’t have much time left?

That’s because I’ve known a lot of guys, not even that old, suddenly drop dead. (and with all their unfulfilled dreams gone along with them)

My point is, if you think having red-hot sex with a special young lady might bring you some joy… don’t delay.

Take action right now:

How to turn on younger women (leads to fast sex)…
PUA Dating System Works By Bill Grant


Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester


PS: Me and You in 2021

I’m planning on some radical changes to the way my company does business online in the coming year, and a lot of these changes will impact you (mainly in a positive way, I hope!)

The main things I’m going to be working on are increased transparency and integrity, and improvements to the programming.  Here are some of the big things you can expect to see in the coming months:

1) More Free Content:

I hope you’ve already noticed an uptick in youtube videos, blog posts, and emails that are high value, in-depth, and actionable.

There is a big trend in online business to send people to see videos with a big promise of answers, only to discover that there is nothing actionable in the video, only a sales pitch to get the product that has the actionable info.  

I’m still going to try to sell you on buying my programs (more on that below), but I’m clear on the importance of putting as much free advice online as I possibly can, both because it builds trust in my business and because there are people who simply can’t afford paid programs.

I’m going to be making a big effort to create even more valuable free stuff in the coming year.  If there are subjects you would specifically like me to address, please hit reply and let me know!

2) Advertising & Selling:

Selling online is a wild-west shit show of lies and sleazy direct-marketing tactics.  

One of my colleagues (whose business makes 10X what mine does) once pointed out to me that success in our business has exactly zero to do with the quality of programming, and is 100% correlated with how good you are at using sleazy sales tactics.  In fact, the guy that makes the most money, by far, also has the most lies per second in his sales videos.  

I have been doing my best to maintain a higher level of integrity in my sales processes… but I’ve been far from perfect.

My plan for the coming year is to revisit every bit of sales copy on my websites and improve integrity in every place that I can.

This is risky for me because it’s likely to reduce sales.  My big hope is that by raising integrity, over time, I’ll still win out because I’ll generate more word-of-mouth.  

No one has proven that this can work, but I believe it can be done.

That said, make no mistake: I’m still going to use every bit of spectacle, smoke, fireworks, and drama that I possibly can to get you to take action on buying our programs.  

The same colleague I mentioned above asked me:  “If you knew the person reading your sales materials was someone you loved, someone you cared about in your life, what would you do?”

My answer:  Sell harder.

3) Traffic and Testimonials:

If anyone has ever sent you an email or you’ve seen anything about any of my programs on a review site, you should assume that the person who wrote it is getting money for linking to my pages.

I’m going to put a disclaimer to that fact on my web pages.  

If you’ve ever seen a testimonial on any of my sales pages:  They are all 100% real (though some have been edited for length and clarity).  You can see my entire testimonial policy in the links at the bottom of any of my web pages,

I’m very proud of that policy, and I am, to my knowledge, the only person in my business who does not write fictional testimonials written specifically to “overcome sales objections”.

4) Program Improvements:

Some of the programs I am currently selling are wildly outdated.  

I still stand by the content as the best of its kind (as noted above, those testimonials are real, and real men and women are actually getting those real results from the programs), but much of it needs improvement, new ideas, and insights that haven’t been included, and some of it really needs to be made a lot more user-friendly and direct.

The first program that I’m working to update this year is The Power Switch (which is the updated version of Passionate Lover, Passionate Life), and I’ve got tons of new material that I’m going to be adding in the coming weeks.

5) Prices:

Most of my programs are going to see a price increase in 2020.  It’s necessary to pay for this new focus.

6) Reviews and Recommendations:

In the past, as disclaimers on my pages and emails, I’ve taken affiliate commissions on the programs I’ve recommended in my newsletter.  

That stops this year.  

I’m going to divest my company from financial interest in the products that I recommend so that you never have to question my motives in recommending them.  

This is going to result in the loss of a significant amount of income which I can’t actually afford, but again, my hope is that by doing business this way, I’ll earn your respect enough that you’ll recommend my work to others and my company will grow by word of mouth.


Because I have to.

Teaching people to overcome the shit that holds them back from fully enjoying their lives feels like a sacred responsibility to me.  

Continuing the way things were going was robbing the joy from what I feel like is a “high purpose.”

As I have sat in meditation on what I will leave behind in the last decade, and what I want to create in the coming decade, I realized that the only thing that has kept me doing things the way I have been doing them was fear that it wouldn’t work.

And since I have been preaching to you for years about overcoming your fears, facing mine is the only way to not be a hypocrite and to keep my integrity with you.

Given the sensitive and personal nature of what I teach, my integrity in our business relationship is absolutely essential.

To some degree, all of this is a test.  I still have to pay my employees, pay rent, buy food.  And there is a chance that I’ll be sending you apologetic emails and back-pedaling on some of this.  But for now, I’m 100% committed to making it work.

Wish me luck!

Lots more coming soon.

For Passion,



Sleeping With Younger Women Review
Ageless PROGRAM Review

Sleeping With Younger Women Review

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Ageless Dating System

Ageless Dating

Ageless System

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