Decode Her Signals Review

Subtle Signs That Show She WANTS You To Approach Her…
Decode Her Signals Review


Knowing which women WANT to be approached is a skill many guys crave – but few have.

Rejection becomes much less likely – and the anxiety of wondering whether she’ll like him or not goes out of the window.

Fortunately, it’s much simpler than you might think to master this skill.

This can be done by spotting a few simple “tells” that indicate what she thinks about you.

Discover these subtle, but very reliable, attraction signs here…

She’s sexually interested in you if she shows THESE subtle signs


Do you know how X-rays were discovered?

In 1895, a scientist called Wilhelm Röntgen noticed that his laboratory equipment was mysteriously glowing.

He became obsessed with finding out the cause.

After weeks of relentless experimentation and testing his equipment, he managed to solve the mystery.

He announced to the world that he’d discovered the X-ray – a wave of light that the human eye couldn’t see, but which was causing a fluorescent effect on other materials.

You’d imagine that Röntgen’s colleagues would have been delighted for him.

At first, however, they were more annoyed that anything else.

His discovery had invalidated most of the research they’d done in the past – and they’d have to go back and painstakingly review everything.

What’s the point of this story?

Well, X-rays are very much like the visible “tells” women use when they feel attraction and desire for a guy.

They help see inside her mind and reveal when she’s silently PRAYING that you approach her, flirt with her and seduce her.

These are the signs that, like X-rays, most men just can’t see.

Surprisingly, many don’t even want to believe that these signs exist.

Like Röntgen’s colleagues, they don’t want to admit that they’ve been doing it wrong.

(With women, not scientific research.)

Obviously, that’s a big mistake.

If you don’t recognize your past errors, how are you supposed to improve?

And once you swallow your pride and learn what these attraction “tells” are, you’re opening yourself up to a new world of opportunities with women.

You’ll realize that women who you’d never even DREAMED would be attracted to you are just waiting for you to make the first move.

Just know what the signs are – and then act on them.

Simple as that.

I can’t do the second bit: that’s up to you.

But the solution I’ve got for you today can help with the first one.

Here it is:

Hidden signs that a woman wants to be approached

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PS:  Is She’s showing one of these 5 signals? It’s time to approach her…

Being rejected is a part of life for men.

No matter how handsome or gifted they are with the ladies.

(Not much comfort, I know.)

BUT – there are ways to get rejected less often.

There’s 5 common signals that women (knowingly and unknowingly)…

…use when they’re silently praying a charming, interesting man approaches them.

To find out what these signals are, just follow this link:

5 obvious signals that she wants you to walk up and say “hi”


Ever felt your confidence take a hit after getting rejected?

It’s a totally human response.

But – and I know this might sound harsh…

…it’s completely the wrong mindset for future success with women.

Let me explain.

If you’d approached her in a slightly different time and place, she could have been all over you.

Yes, really.

She just wasn’t in the right mindset to appreciate your advances in that moment.

Our moods and feelings have a HUGE impact on how we feel about new people, irrespective of how they act.

There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with you specifically.

Look, you could be each other’s soulmates.

If you approach her when she obviously wants to be alone – she’ll still react badly.

When should you approach her, then?

Firstly, you DON’T need to run through some complex algorithm in your head every time you approach someone.

Lots of it is just common sense.

Approaching a woman with headphones in, for example, is much less likely to work than approaching her at a party.

But there’s some more subtle cues you can keep an eye out for.

For example.

Is her body language “closed off”? (eyes down, arms crossed, etc.)

She probably doesn’t want a conversation right now.

If she looks more open, talkative and happily socialising with everyone…

…THEN it’s perfectly acceptable to shoot your shot.

Don’t let doubt paralyze you from action.

After all, she’s actively trying to be social herself.

Of course she expects men to walk up and introduce themselves!

Her being in a social mindset makes it SO much easier for you to build rapport.

She wants you to be a charming, interesting man with a sense of fun – so go for it!

But knowing when to pick your moment is just the first step.

A number of other signals more directly suggest she’s waiting for you to come over and spice up her evening.

Discover her strongest indicators of interest in the link below:

Women displaying these 5 signals WANT you to introduce yourself

Decode Her Sexual Signals System PDF Free Download Anderson Cooper

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Decode Her Signals Review

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Sexual Decoder System Review