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How 1 simple HUG could revive her desire for intimacy with you

Spoiler alert: hugging is great.

Feeling loved, warm and safe your wife or girlfriend always hits the spot.

But it turns out there’s a SPECIFIC way you can hold her lovingly in your arms…

…that instantly boosts the intimacy and warmth between you – for a truly passionate, adoring relationship.

It’s 100% backed by science and requires NO practice.

Let’s just say she could become more in love with you than ever.

Find simple, step-by-step instructions on how it works here:

(FREE DOWNLOAD) Hold her like THIS to strengthen her “romantic cravings”


Why does skin-to-skin contact enhance our relationships so much?

The secret is a hormone called oxytocin.

When we make physical contact with someone, the pituitary gland (in our brain) releases oxytocin to reassure us they pose no threat…

…and feel positive and genuinely affectionate towards them.

These feelings trigger the release of MORE oxytocin, strengthening the emotional bond…

…and eventually helping us fall in love.

Simple, right?

There’s one kink that trips a lot of guys up, though.

To release the level of oxytocin that gets us truly CRAVING the other person…

…the touch has to make them feel “physically affectionate”.

Long story short:

Even if the person is your devoted wife or girlfriend…

…if you’re not touching them in the RIGHT way – she won’t feel that intimate “spark”.

Her oxytocin drops, and she feels less romantic about you.

So what should you be doing?


With all the distractions and stresses in the world today, it’s natural for us to take physical contact for granted.

(I mean, who’s logging all their hugs in a journal?)

If you haven’t been touching or embracing your lover as much recently…

…actively doing it more often is the first step to take.

But ultimately it’s about quality, not quantity.

If you want to truly ramp up the intimacy in your relationship…

…that’s where my friend (and renowned sex expert) Susan Bratton can help.

She’s discovered a wonderful technique for holding your lover in exactly the right way…

…to get her oxytocin firing – and immediately spark her most intense desire for intimacy.

Even if she hasn’t shown you much passion in YEARS.

Susan’s also compiled step-by-step instructions for this technique that ANY man can follow successfully.

Want to try it out?

Just follow this link:

Step-by-step “hugging” technique that gets her WANTING you in seconds

Richard La Ruina Download Academia PUA Training Summary juliantinaFree PDF Book

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PS: 7 physical gestures that trigger deep attraction in women

The body language you use around women plays a big part in the kind of personality you communicate.

And there’s a set of 7 specific physical gestures that ANY man – no matter what he looks like…

…can copy to start building instant, attractive rapport around the women he wants.

(Whether you’re simply looking for more sex… or want to build a genuine romantic relationship.)

Start using them today by following this link:

Make women desperate for sex (and relationships) with these 7 physical gestures


I don’t need to tell you that most beautiful woman get hit on a LOT.

Sleazy pickup lines, “games”… she’s heard them all.

Safe to say, it quickly gets boring.

If a guy deploys a cheesy, canned line, you can bet her guard’s going to shoot right up.

But there’s another common mistake that makes things even worse:

He’ll often use it on the next woman he approaches. And the next ten.

If they all reject him, then what?

Sure, if you approach 1000 women with the same line, odds are a few might be interested.

But that’s hardly the most efficient method.

Yet, from what I’ve seen…

…so many men don’t take risks and try something different.

Honestly ask yourself: is your current approach actually giving you the results you want?

If not – then it’s time to switch things up.

All you need are the right instructions… and your dating life can instantly transform.

Just remember, it’s okay if a change feels weird at first.

Any new habit can take time to feel natural.

But trust me: it’s absolutely worth the risk.

Here’s something I’m surprised more men haven’t grasped yet:

Most attractive women don’t actually receive many genuinely original, interested approaches.

It’s usually the same old sleazy stuff.

You’ve got the power to rise above it – and genuinely brighten her afternoon or evening.

When she is approached in a different way, at the bare minimum she’s likely to appreciate the effort you put in.

That doesn’t have to be the limit, though.

When you know how to build on that good first impression, that’s when chemistry – and properly uncontrollable attraction – can really build.

And it’s incredibly easy to do, no matter what your circumstances…

…once you’ve got the right tools.

To start building irresistible, sexually charged rapport with women today…

…then check out 7 simple gestures (that communicate deeply attractive inner traits) in the link below.

Use these 7 gestures to get women deeply attracted (and chasing YOU)

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