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This was really popular last week, so I’m sharing it with you again to make sure you don’t miss out.

Think about how good it would feel to know EXACTLY what a woman you liked – or were in a relationship with – was thinking.

Think about USING that power to increase the likelihood she makes out and/or sleeps with you.

Guess what? This is entirely possible once you know the right SIGNS to look out for.

Discover these signs here:

3 clearest signs a woman wants sex (and how to spot them)


Remember: women absolutely LOVE sex.

This might seem obvious.

Yet you’d be surprised how many men forget this simple truth.

They think they’ve got to “earn” it off women, like it’s a reward they get for being all nice and well-behaved.

Well, listen up.

If you think like this – it’ll become your reality!

Your woman will have all the permission she needs to prevent you from having sex.

You’ll be having almost NO SEX AT ALL, in all likelihood.

Why does this happen?

It’s because women often lose attraction for their man once she becomes the sole-decision maker over when you have sex.

By contrast, a man who takes the lead in these situations is incredibly attractive.

Women love a man who helps her navigate through the sexual maze – all the way to orgasm.

Now, to be clear – this does NOT mean being arrogant, pushy or manipulative.

You should NOT make a woman do anything she doesn’t want to.

But you don’t want to be tamely asking for permission all the time either.

You want to hit the sweet spot between these two states, being a man who takes the lead AND knows the right moment to do so.

Once you do, she’ll be DESPERATE to have sex with you.

Does that make sense?


To do this, you’ve got to READ women correctly.

Believe it or not, women constantly give off signs that show they’re interested in sex.

However, they’re not immediately obvious – to most men.

Most men won’t get the sex life they want because they can’t do this.

But you can – by finding out what they are TODAY.

Whether you fit society’s idea of an “attractive man” or not (which of course you do, you handsome devil)…

…this can COMPLETELY transform your results.

For 3 major signs women give off when they’re waiting, poised for you to take the next steps towards a night of passionate intimacy…

…just click the link or banner below…

3 signs that she wants you to take the lead (for more sex and intimacy)Decode Her Signals Review pdf free download









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PPS: The “Arousal Trick” A TV Doctor Claimed Was Too Manipulative


How’s this for a conspiracy:

Most guys don’t believe it’s easy to get a woman interested in sex. But this comes down to a few big lies we’re being told every day, over and over. 

If you want the truth (including how to quickly make a woman desperate for sex), check this out: 

The “arousal trick” this TV doctor didn’t want you to know


I bring this up because I just watched a video from a guy called Craig Miller.

Craig is a successful dating coach, with tens of thousands of happy guys who have followed his advice. 

And apparently, Craig went on the Anderson Cooper show a while back.

He expected he was going to talk about how his work helps guys meet and interact with women.

But as you can imagine, this kind of message doesn’t fly on mainstream TV.

So what actually happened is that the producers of the Anderson Cooper show tried to trick Craig into exposing he is really an incompetent fraud. Except…

Craig knows what he’s talking about.

And the stuff he teaches works.

So long story short, the Anderson Cooper people tried and failed to get embarrassing footage of Craig Miller humiliating himself in front of hot girls.

What they got instead were shots of Craig going into different locations, like a Starbucks, a local college campus, a Barnes & Noble, and getting phone numbers, flirty conversations, and even planned hookups for later that day.

Of course, none of this made it on TV.  

All you could really see is Dr. Michelle, the TV psychologist who repeatedly shows up on the Anderson Cooper show, warning women against falling for the kinds of tricks that Craig teaches.

In other words, if you want Craig’s advice, you won’t find it on CNN any time soon. 

You also won’t find it in GQ, in Men’s Health, or on any other mainstream outlet. 

So what to do?

If you are curious about seeing Craig’s “trick” in action (and seeing a couple of snaps from his appearance on the Anderson Cooper show) here’s where to go:

Get the full story on Craig’s “manipulative” seduction trick

Decode Her Sexual Signals System Review PDF Free Download Anderson Cooper


Talk soon, 


PS – Personally, as long as you’re transparent with women and don’t lie to them, I don’t consider it manipulative to use methods and technique to make yourself more attractive.

It is, of course, up to you how you choose to use these techniques, but I trust you’ll use them responsibly.

PPS – Apparently Craig’s been getting a lot of pressure to take this video down. 

If you want to watch it, better get on it quickly,  by clicking this link 




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Decode Her Signals Review