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What’s up man, Tayor Snow here.

Have you ever had a girl chase you?

The other day I’m on my computer working the day away, and I’m texting this girl back and forth, and she was REALLY trying hard to come over.

After about an hour of texting back and forth my phone vibrates, I look at my screen, and I see:

I really need you to fuck me daddy. So can I please come over?

Well, I was sold… 

She’s the new barista at my local coffee shop, and something about her made me really want her…

She’s this mega cute, glasses-wearing, girl next door looking kind of gal, who kind of looks like Zoey Deschanel (who I have a major crush on) but with much bigger boobs.

She’s totally my type, and I decided to give it a shot.

At first, I’m making strong eye contact, I’m cracking a few jokes, and she’s giggling and stuff, but I didn’t really feel that connection just yet.

Luckily the coffee shop was completely empty, and it gave me a chance to really use my skills.

But, I do live in New York City, and just because the coffee shop was empty then only meant there was gonna be a flood of people in the next few minutes.

So I went with the big guns, and used a trick called The Chase Trigger I learned from my good buddy Mike.

Almost immediately I noticed a big shift in her body language.

Her pupils dilated, and were now twice as big.

She bit her bottom lip, rubbed her thighs together, while she looked me up and down, like I was some kind of meat she wanted to put in her mouth. 

In a moment I knew I was in.

Soon she was stroking my arm, with one hand, and scribbling her number down on a napkin with the other.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t do anything right then and there, because soon after the coffee shop flooded in with customers, but as I mentioned earlier things heated up pretty quickly over text.

Honestly having women chase me is one of the best feelings I’ve ever had.

And that text I got made me happier than a monkey in a banana tree.

It’s time you start feeling that way too!

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Seize the day,

Taylor Snow


PS: The “Horny” Button

I need your quick opinion on this.

Do you think that this neuropsychologist is a superhero to all single men….or a just a menace to women? (click the video below to see what I’m talking about, warning it’s VERY nsfw, so make sure no one is around, or that you’re at least wearing headphones).

Chase Trigger Review Eros Of Elixir System PDF Download 7 Innocent Words

So this guy has found a woman’s “Horny Button”.

Every woman has one, and you may have even clicked it for a few women in the past. But he’s discovered how to get it to work on any woman you meet…

And when you press this button women will be all over you like an obese kid on an ice cream cone, on a hot summer day. 

Because of this discovery, he’s under a lot of fire…

His talks are protested by angry feminist organizations.

He receives tons of hate mail every day. 

And this is all due to his discover.

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Seize the day,

Taylor Snow


PS: Getting A Woman Chasing YOU Is Like A SLIPPERY SLIDE. 


The more you get her qualifying herself to you, physically escalating on you, and chasing you in other ways, the more her “chasing” takes on a momentum of its own… 

And she finds herself sliding all the way down the slide… and into your bed… without really knowing what happened! 

So how do you do this? 

In a previous post, I talked about the main strategy for triggering these “chasing behaviors” on her part… 

  1. Give her a little bit of something good (attention, affection, ego validation, etc)
  2. Take it away 
  3. (Repeat)

So how does this work in practice? 

First of all — understand this:  

You can’t get a girl to chase you until you’ve mastered the basics of APPROACHING and GETTING ATTRACTION 

Get that through your head right now. 

If you’re still not able to approach a girl….

If you’re not able to escalate physically and generate enough attraction that she goes along with it…

Then none of the rest of this will work.

Master the fundamentals first. The fundamentals are 80% of success. 

However, assuming you are able to approach and generate attraction…

This is where you want to start mixing in the principle of “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back”

Escalate physically — then pull back. 

Approach, shake her hand, spin her around, pull her in for a hug…

And then even though you could easily kiss her at this point — and she would let you — don’t

Instead, drop her hand,  physically pull back, and just talk to her normally.

Then… a minute later… start escalating again. 

Pull her in close to you. Whisper in her ear. Lightly breathe on her neck.

Get her horny enough that she’s ready to kiss you

Stare into her eyes… down at her lips… back at her eyes…

Lean in 80% of the way to kiss her.

Let her come in the final 20% of the way. 

But just as she’s moved into to kiss you — pull back. 

This will drive her CRAZY, by the way.

She may actually get angry (or pretend to).

Don’t react to it. 

Just keep up this pattern. 

Give her some affection… then pull back. 

Give her a little more affection than last time…

then pull back again before she’s satisfied. 


That’s the basic idea. 

There are ways to do this without escalating, too. 

For example… even very early on in the interaction — before you’ve gotten physical with the girl — you can get her on the “slippery slope” of chasing you by using “back turns”

For example..

You approach. You chat with her. You give her your full attention. You are fully present in the moment with her, looking into her eyes, talking directly to her.

Then after a few moments, you turn away from her. 

Turn around and start chatting to someone else.

Or you can even just take out your phone and look at it (with your back turned to her) as if you just got a text. 

It’s very subtle.. but it works.  

Don’t over-use this move, however. It should seem natural — not forced and gimmicky. 

And don’t think you’ve got to be ONLY getting her chasing

Be in the moment. 

Enjoy her company. 

Don’t think ahead too much.

But every once in a while… do a “take away”. 

Escalate… get her aroused… then pull away. 

Talk… connect… then turn your back on her.

Make out with her… then drop her hand and start talking to a different girl.

Little by little… 

She’ll chase you more and more… until you’ve established a PERMANENT BEHAVIORAL PATTERN of her chasing you.

At that point… there’s nothing you can’t get her to do..

And you’ll have unleashed the “sexual frenzy”…

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PS: She won’t have sex with me!


Does it ever feel like you meet a girl, she seems to be “down” for casual sex… but you just can’t get her to commit?

Today we’re going to talk about why women appear to be “playing games” with you… and how to disarm their resistance to sex. 


Ian writes:

Hi Mike,

I’m in my late fifties and widowed… I recently met a woman online, she’s the same age as myself. 

After messaging back and forth and swapping phone numbers we eventually arranged to meet after about 3 weeks. 

She lives a long distance away from me so I waited until she had two days off and booked a bed and breakfast for 2 nights. 

When I arrived we met and she came with me to check in and left a bag in my room. 

We went out and had a pleasant evening, got on really well, and returned to my room. 

On the way back I went for the kiss but got rejected. 

She still came back to my room and we talked over coffee and she decided to stay….sounds good but no. 

She wouldn’t let me kiss her or go any further but she still spent the night. We spent the following day together and got on really well but still nothing happened.

We kept in touch daily and a fortnight later we met up again but the same thing happened again. 

While we were in bed she asked is it possible that a man and a woman could just be friends to which I replied no and that I wasn’t looking for friendship. 

Then she said that maybe there was something wrong with her, I told her there wasn’t. She still spent the night but again nothing happened. We still keep in touch via messages and phone calls.

I’m lost here, she hasn’t directly said she just wants to be friends. Is she attracted to me…. why spend the night with someone you’re not attracted to. She obviously feels safe and at ease with me. I’ve had the let’s be friends speech before and the interaction ended…. but never in the bedroom and never got to bed a woman who gave that speech. She doesn’t ride on my wallet, she pays her way when we’re out.

Any chance you can give me your opinion on what’s happening here? I really appreciate your time.




OK — so before I answer this, I want to tell you a story. 

When I was first learning game, I met a girl in a club one night. 

I was very close to making out with her.

She was against a wall, and we were standing very close to each other — almost kissing.

The sexual tension was “on”.

There was huge “chemistry”.

Yet every time I went in to kiss her, she gave me the cheek.

And eventually I pushed it too far and she left. 

Afterwards, I was talking to a mentor of mine who was a natural with women. 

He had seen this play out — he had watched me nearly making out with this girl, but lose her at the last minute.

He told me: 


“That girl was ready to fuck. She needed just a little bit more push… and she would have been down. You were giving her ALL PULL and no push… But if you’d given her just a little push, she would have kissed you.. and then gone to bed with you.”


So it is with the woman in your story, Ian.

Attraction is like a “dance”. 

You pull her in a little to get her attention and interest. 

Then you push her away a bit…

If you do all pull, but no push — the girl resists. 

You need to get HER chasing you and pulling YOU… and the way you do that…. is to push her away.

Nowhere is this more true than when you’re alone with a woman in an environment where sex can happen (a hotel room like in your story). 

What you want to do here is ALTERNATE between making your desire “felt” by her…(pull)

And then pushing her away (push)

If you only do ONE of these — then no attraction is generated.

You need to do a mix of both. 


And fundamentally, you need to develop a “sixth sense” for how to do this elegantly and smoothly.


In other words, you need a degree of social intuition that can come only from experience.

So for example.. 

You say that you went for the kiss, but were rejected. 

In future… in a similar situation… what I would do is this:


You’re standing with the girl

You sense the opportunity to kiss her.

You move on her… very slowly… while looking deep into her eyes…

You cut the space between you so that you’re standing very close to her.

You look in her eyes…

You look down at her lips..

You look back at her eyes..

You make your desire felt by her 

She should feel the desire emanating from you

She should feel a certain “tension” or “pressure”…

And then…

Just when the tension is at its peak..

Just when you seem to be ABOUT to kiss her…


Turn away from her.

Take the pressure completely off. 

Remove all sexual tension. 


And don’t even acknowledge what just happened between you

Don’t make any reference to the “sexual tension” that you just made her feel. 

Show her that you are completely in control of yourself…

That you can make her feel intensely, urgently desired — but then completely go cold and become indifferent towards her — whenever you want to. 


So you do that… and then you go back to normal conversation.

And then a little later… you ramp up the sexual tension again. 

Maybe while you’re talking to her, you reach over and touch her hair as you look into her eyes.

And you let that tension build… and build… 

…and then… 

You pull back again. 


What you’ll notice is that the girl starts getting AROUSED.

She’s aroused by your desire for her.

But when you then CUT OFF that desire… it makes her “miss it” and want to get it back.

So after you’ve done this repeatedly in different ways, you’ll usually notice that she starts making herself more available… touching you… maybe hinting at sexual things..

and that’s when you make your move.


But again… 


Keep teasing her! 

Give her a little bit of affection…

Then pull away.

Repeat this “dance” until she’s literally pulling your pants off and begging you to fuck her. 

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