43 Texts That Guarantee PDF

Download These 43 Texts That Will Make Your Wife Or Girlfriend Want Sex TONIGHT?
43 Texts That Guarantee PDF


A woman’s mind contains many secret doors.  

And if you know the right words, you can unlock those secret doors and unleash sexual desire like you haven’t seen in years. 

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The 43 texts That Guarantee Sex By Triggering Uncontrollable Sexual Desire In Your Wife Or Girlfriend

Have you heard the news? 

Women are hard-wired to find “sexist” men more attractive. 

That verdict comes from a recently published scientific study, which was performed at the University of Kent and Iowa State University. 

Specifically, what scientists found was that women rated “benevolent sexists” — men who treated women as frail and delicate — as more attractive than men who treated women as equals or those who didn’t give women any special treatment. 

And while this bit of research is interesting, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.

That’s because the seduction advice that comes from a science lab is about two decades behind the seduction advice that comes from real-life experts.

The real-world stuff goes way beyond being a “benevolent sexist” (though it certainly doesn’t require actually being sexist or behaving like a jerk).

It just comes down to using the right kind of language — which taps into the hard-wired, deep-set female psychology, and makes even the most frigid-seeming ice queen look at you with sudden sexual interest. 

This is something that works.

And you can use it immediately, even with a partner of many years. 

If you want to find out more about the real “research” into what seriously turns women on, check out the following:

Discover 43 Texts That Get YOU Laid  ( Trigger Lust In A Woman’s Mind)

43 Texts That Guarantee Sex


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PS — Interestingly, scientists also found that “benevolent sexists” were more attractive even to staunch feminists.

And in the same way, the kind of advanced seduction advice I’m talking about works with all women — even those with big careers, big paychecks, or strong feminist ideals. 

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PS: The 43 Text Messages That Unleash Her “Inner Nympho” (In 25 Seconds)


It doesn’t take an expensive dinner or fancy gifts to reawaken your wife (or girlfriend’s) desire for regular, passionate sex.

In fact, there’s an incredibly simple alternative.

Blending a few simple phrases into your day-to-day conversation can reactivate her arousal centre…

…and unleash a hidden, nymphomaniac side to her (in just 25 seconds) you didn’t even know existed.

Oh, and it doesn’t matter how old either of you are – or if she hasn’t had much sex drive for YEARS.

To see what they are, just read on below:

Texts That Will Literally Get Her DRAGGING You To bed)

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Let’s clear something up right now:

You can be performing perfectly well in bed and still have an unsatisfying sex life.

It’s neither you or your partner’s fault that things just aren’t feeling spicy.

Here’s what many couples are actually forgetting – without realising it:

Doing the same things in bed over and over again can make the sex less exciting – they simply lose their thrill.

And your woman’s just as likely to feel the same.

Research has argued, in fact, that women tend to be less happy with their sex lives than men.

A 2017 study showed women were twice as likely as men to call their sex life “boring”.

So if her sex drive seems to be waning, it’s fine to ask her why.

If you want things to change, you need to be open about your desires from the relationship to each other.

I suspect you’ll like the method I’m about to recommend to you:

Tell each other your sexual fantasies.

Not just because it’s hot and exciting.

But you both gain knowledge on how to spark each other’s deepest erotic feelings…

…if you learn what they really, truly want to happen in bed.

That doesn’t mean getting out the chains and whips straight away.

(Unless that’s your thing – then go ahead!)

Making a list of the stuff you want to give a try is a perfectly good starting point

Above all, provided you’re comfortable, keep an open mind.

You could find a completely new approach to sex that sends her wild with passion.

And that’s just the start of what’s possible.

There’s 7 simple phrases you can say to your woman that make her desperate to satisfy you sexually – by triggering a raw, uncontrollable arousal for you.

Find out how they work in the link below…

Say this to unleash your woman’s inner “sexual beast”

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PSS: Words that make her wanna hump you? (yes, really)

During a self-defense class I once heard the instructor say, “Every woman needs a gun… and the pretty ones need two.”

It makes sense, especially when you see a creepy guy hovering around a hot, gorgeous girl, right?

However, this is not the case for the gentlemen in our circle. We do not creep up on any woman, trying to seduce her. And, we do not force our wife or girlfriend to “do the naughty” when she doesn’t want to.

Instead, we use the power of subtle seduction – such as this one:

The “exact words” to say that make her wanna hump you…

You might not be fully aware of this…

But there are exact phrases, sentences, and even text messages that are PROVEN to turn a woman on within seconds.

Yes, really.

The unfortunate truth is, most men just don’t know what to say when they’re out in the open.

I mean, have you ever met a complete stranger who’s drop-dead gorgeous and you thought, “Man, if only I could seduce her to sleep with me!”

Or… Have you ever wished you could make your woman CRAVE more nookie with you like it’s your biggest daily “essential”?

Look, set aside whatever tactics you’ve been using…

Because once you “get this”, it’s like going on a fast-pass and skipping a helluva long line of trial and error.

In fact, as soon as these words escape from your mouth, you’ll see how her face quickly turns pinkish-red in excitement…

Then, she gets touchy with you… easing in beside you…

And next thing you know – she jumps on you with gusto… ripping your clothes off… and I think you know what happens next.

And the best part? Saying these words is as easy as saying hello on the phone.

Go on – say these words and watch her shed her clothes…

(And the sexiest time to do this… is after her warm bath…)

Seize the day,

Lloyd Lester



43 Texts That Guarantee Sex Review

43 Texts That Guarantee PDF