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Ask A Woman These Questions To Spark Instant Sexual Attraction?
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This is pretty neat.

Flicking the psychological switch in a woman’s brain that makes her ACHE to be with you – maybe even sleep with you…

…doesn’t need to be long-winded or confusing.

It can be as simple as asking her a few quick questions that a friend’s just shared with me.

No matter what you look like… and no matter how big or small your wallet.

Read on here to find out what questions leave her begging to give you HER number…

“Attraction questions” that trigger rapid female arousal (use carefully!)


Being flirted with can feel amazing.

When we approach members of the opposite sex with romantic intentions, we WANT them to be amazing flirts.

After all, women love feeling aroused as much as men do.

She’s desperate for you to be the most charming, charismatic man she’s ever met.

Remember that – no matter how nervous you might feel before approaching.

Silently, she’s hoping you deploy smouldering charm and wit that gets her weak at the knees.


It’s easier said than done to be the super-desirable man I’ve just described, sure.

And yes, sometimes good looks can be a bonus.

But here’s the honest truth from my experience:

Any man can spark this powerful, gut-level excitement and arousal in women.

Regardless of his appearance or bank balance.

All it takes is a quick shift in how you understand arousal.

Male arousal is mostly visual (what they see.)

By contrast, female attraction usually takes place “between the ears”…

…basically, it’s about how you make her FEEL.

In fact, this can give “regular” guys an advantage over everyone else.


In particular, their WORDS can affect how they make women feel – and whether they like them or not.

Take calling a woman “sexy”, instead of “beautiful” or “pretty”.

I recommend you try this.

It’s a more powerful descriptor, since it refers to her entire personality – not just her looks.

But it still frames her as a sexual being.

Which is a nice feeling – and she’ll remember that you made her feel that way.

She might even start seeing YOU as a sexual being in return, which is where flirty connections can REALLY develop.


Enough from me.

If you want some questions to spark even more powerful attraction and arousal, just follow this link:

Build instant, powerful attraction in women by asking THESE questions

Talk soon,


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PS: Ask a woman THIS to tap into her deepest sexual desire (backed by science)

You know what?

You actually don’t need to be perfect to quickly build rapport with young gorgeous women.

Asking her just a few simple questions can activate the arousal centre in her brain…

…along with the psychological triggers that make you a truly magnetic man in her eyes.

What questions are these?

Follow the link below to find out…

Powerful “attraction questions” that make her CRAVE you


I’m actually amazed at just how many guys tend to forget this:

You see the hot beautiful woman you’re eye-balling and flirting with at the bar is actually secretly rooting for you.

She’d love you to be the most compelling, charming man she’s ever met…

…and doesn’t want you to feel awkward – but relaxed and in control.

I know, I know – easier said than done.

But I truly believe it’s a power any man can harness.

Firstly, don’t think that women are generally less interested in sex than men.

You can bet she enjoys feeling aroused just as much as you.

In my experience, most men don’t realise that women experience attraction very differently to them.

Put it like this: male attraction (generally) happens in the eyes…

…but the female attraction happens between the ears.

Now, this actually gives “normal” men an advantage when trying to charm women.

Sure, having movie-star good looks is certainly a bonus.

But ultimately, what you say (and how you make her feel)…

…is a more important factor for deciding whether she digs you or not.

Here’s what I mean.

Telling a woman she’s sexy, instead of beautiful or pretty, can be a great way to spark a connection.

Not only is “sexy” a more powerful description…

…you aren’t just describing her looks: “sexy” can describe her entire demeanour and personality.

It shows you view her as a truly sexual being – which will probably boost her self-confidence.

She’ll appreciate that you made her feel good about herself.

And framing the conversation in such sexual terms has an even more exciting outcome…

…she starts to view you as a more sexual being in return.

(In summary: everyone starts thinking about sex. And everyone’s happy.)

There’s also an advanced way to make compliments like this even more effective.

Asking her a number of specific questions can put her in a deeply primal, sexual state of mind.

You can find them in the link below:

Create instant sexual chemistry with beautiful women (ask them THIS)

Talk soon,


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