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“I Want Him SO BAD” –
3 Questions That Get Her Thinking This
Sexual Activation Blueprint Review



Asking a woman these 3 questions can activate her “arousal centre”, sparking powerful sexual emotions towards you.

Head to the link below to find out what they are:

3 questions to activate her attraction…

“Just be yourself.”

Ever heard that phrase when asking why women act friendly – but not sexually – towards you?

Normally, the person giving that advice has perfectly good intentions.

They (rightly) tell you that women like men who are nice, kind and helpful.

But whilst that’s a great way to make female friends, it’s not a great way to find romantic partners.

These “nice” guys usually admit their interest in the girl way too late.

She’s subconsciously settled on her platonic view of him.

And that’s that.

For a long time I thought these kinds of men could never get women viewing them sexually.

That is, until a friend of mine did something on a night out that completely changed my view.

Normally, he was one of these “nice” guys that just couldn’t escalate.

He was chatting away to this beautiful woman, and whilst she seemed happy enough…

…she wasn’t exactly pawing at him, if you know what I mean.

But then he paused, composed himself – and quietly whispered something to her that I couldn’t make out.

And her attitude towards him changed in just a matter of moments!

She was suddenly standing up straighter, laughing at his jokes, touching his arm…

…and they jumped into a taxi shortly afterwards, heading off into the night.

The moral of the story?

Using the right words can completely change a woman’s impression of you.

Sometimes in just seconds.

Certain words are primed to trigger certain biological reactions in each woman’s mind.

Some words simply inspire platonic feelings for the man saying them…

…whilst others instigate deep, compulsive sexual attraction.

Of course, different words spark different reactions in different women – plus the way you say them can affect her interpretation.

But using the right words doesn’t have to feel awkward or forced.

It isn’t about “guilt-tripping” her, either.

This is about enjoying natural, effortless conversations that activate all the right triggers…

…for making her view you as a sexual being.

For instance, check out the link below for 3 questions you can ask her to spark sexual attraction…

Get her viewing you sexually by asking these 3 questions

Sexual Attraction Factor Activation Blueprint review Craig Miller

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PS: 3 verbal cues that active her “arousal overload”


It’s easy to forget that sexual desire isn’t a conscious response to something.

You can’t just ask your woman to be turned on at a snap of the fingers: she experiences arousal on a subconscious level.

Point being:

If you want to rouse the sexual beast inside her, you need more subtle methods.

And I’ve got 3 “verbal cues” that allow you to spark just that kind of reaction from women.

Find out what they are here:

Powerfully trigger her subconscious arousal with these 3 “verbal cues”

Many of the men I work with find this idea confusing.

They say trying to make a woman feel arousal subconsciously – in other words, not explicitly telling her to feel aroused – doesn’t seem logical.

And in a way, they’re right.

It doesn’t really make sense on the surface.

But that’s exactly the point that so many men miss.

Generally, men and women become aroused through very different mechanisms.

Surface-level, logical approaches might work on men – but not women.

It can feel confusing and frustrating for guys that women are like this.

But, in my view, such an attitude is pointless.

Don’t wish women were different: complaining isn’t going to improve your sex life.

Instead, accept reality for what it is – and find out how to “play the game” better.

It’s the same as any other skill.

Suppose you try cooking an omelette for the first time and it turns out terrible.

Do you blame the eggs? Or your oven?

No, obviously not.

You know that you’ve got to develop your cooking skills to make much tastier omelettes.

It’s exactly the same with trying to turn women on (regardless of how long you’ve known them).

But here’s the key point.

Not only is sparking female arousal a skill, it’s one that can feel a little counter-intuitive at first.

It doesn’t follow all the usual rules you might expect.

So do it more consistently, and start sparking much stronger arousal from women…

…you need to study – and learn from – what actually works.

Study the best “under-the-radar” arousal techniques, from men who’ve figured this stuff out… and start putting them into practice yourself.

You could be surprised at just how straightforward sparking sexual attraction becomes…

…as women start to express much stronger desire and lust for you.

Right, that’s the theory.

Now for some specifics from one of these men I’ve just mentioned.

For 3 questions you can ask a woman to unconsciously spark powerful sexual desire – simply by slipping them into regular conversation…

…just follow the link below.

Spark her sexual desire and interest by asking these 3 questions

Review Of The Activation Blueprint For Sexual Attraction And Desire Anderson Cooper Craig Miller

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Sexual Activation Blueprint Review



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