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I don’t know about you, man…

But I think sex is 300% better when the girl chases YOU for it.

Don’t get me wrong…sex ANYtime is great. But it’s always better when she initiates. Something about knowing that she’s so turned on, that she NEEDS you in her like a thirsty girl needs a glass of water.

That’s why I was so excited to share that TED Talk yesterday.

I can’t believe a Doctor has discovered a trigger that makes women chase you.

Imagine this:

You’re at work.

You pass by that girl that you’ve been wanting to fuck for the longest time.

You use this “Chase Trigger” that the good doctor discovered.

Suddenly, this hot co-worker of yours can’t keep her hands off you. She’s grabbing at your crotch and whispering dirty things to you.

If you let her, she’ll drink your whole milkshake in the company bathroom.

All because of THIS trigger.

So if you want her to do all the work chasing you in bed…

Then you HAVE to check this doctor’s stunning presentation out.

Like, right now…

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I hope this helps you as much as it helped me, man.

Seize the day,

Taylor Snow

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PS: THIS “Ted Talk” Will Get You Laid


THIS famous Ted Talk just blew my mind!

There’s this doctor whose amazing psychological discoveries got him featured on ABC News, CNN, in The Los Angeles Times… and even in the Wall Street Journal. He is without a doubt one of the great geniuses of our time.

However, his latest discovery is brewing quite a storm of controversy…

It’s the “secret hidden key” to turning any woman on… so turned on that she’s compelled to chase you all the way in the bedroom.

Check out his presentation right here.

Look, I’ve literally seen of dozens of “female seduction” gurus talk about “techniques” and “tricks” for turning women on.

Some of them work alright. Some of them are complete BS.

But honestly I have NEVER seen such a prominent well-known public figure release something controversial like this.

Holy crap – when I tried it, I was completely blown away.

He reveals a “female psychological hack” that completely hijacks the sexual part of a woman’s brain…

Which makes a woman so horny that it forces her to literally chase you for sex (which is why feminists hate it so much).

Check it out his new discovery right here:

“Famous Doctor’s Shocking Trick”

Review Eros Of Elixir System Free PDF Download The 7 Innocent Chase Trigger Words

Seize the day,

Taylor Snow


PS: Female Chase Triggers That Make Her Chase YOU


How’s things man? 

One of the questions I receive the most from my website visitors is about how to get women to chase you



Bhargava  writes:


In a lot of your posts, you talk about pushing the set. 

Of the two people I follow in pickup: you and Todd valentine, Todd valentine advocates getting the girl to chase you

Does your game have you chasing over and over and pushing? Isn’t the main goal supposed to get the girl chasing you?


Now… I don’t know where he got the idea that I’m always advocating “pushing the set”. 

If you’re paying attention — I’m always advocating push and pull. Which is a different thing. 

However, I think what he means to say is that I am a big proponent of the maxim Always Be Leading. 

Always be escalating. 

Always be pushing things forward.

Always be moving the girl around. 

And attempt to get her to come home with you as soon as feels comfortable. (If she says no, you can always try again later, right?) 


But yes, my friend… You are right!


So look. 

If you’re one of the guys who read this post…. but never take action… and never actually approach women

Then go ahead and leave right now. 

Go ahead. Quit wasting my time and yours.

If you don’t take action—It’s best you leave. 

But if you DO take action…

If you DO approach women…

and if you are 100% COMMITTED to fucking hotter women this fall/winter than you’ve ever been with before…  

Then strap the fuck in.

Because this week, we’re going to be talking about how to get a woman to chase you into bed. 



First off—what is “Chasing”? 

What does it mean to say that a girl is “chasing you”?

“Chasing” is when she manifests some or more of the following behaviors: 

1. Trying to “qualify herself” to you


This includes any time that a girl tries to “talk herself up”, e.g. telling you about her athletic or academic accomplishments, dropping names of famous people she knows, telling you she’s a model.

Essentially this is any time where the girl is trying to logically convince you that she has value

When you see this happening in any way, it’s a very good sign. This is typically the first way a girl will start “chasing” you — and it can be triggered within a few minutes of conversation, and sometimes much sooner.

Not all women will try to qualify themselves to you. This doesn’t mean she’s not attracted, it’s just a personality type thing. 

Some women are more obvious about trying to make you like them. And some aren’t as obvious. 

However, any time she chases you in this form, it’s a very good sign.

2. Physically escalating on you 


Touching you. Hugging you. Kissing you

Again — not all women will do this early on, or even at all (before sex), but if she’s touching you in any way (without you having led her to) this is also a very good sign and is a form of chasing behavior. 

This behavior is basically coming from the same place as her trying to qualify herself to you — she wants you to like her. And so she’s touching you and escalating on you to try to get your attention, and to try to focus your affection and desire onto her.

3. Dropping hints that she wants to hook up with you / go home with you


Sometimes this will be subtle. Sometimes not so subtle. 

Often if you’re talking to a girl, and she likes you more than you like her, and this is obvious to her, she will get desperate and start advertising her sexual availability to you by dropping these hints. 

Again — this is obviously a very positive sign, and this is fundamentally what “good game” looks like. 

To any outside observer, it will seem as if she’s the one seducing you — rather than the other way around .

4. Trying to get you turned on by rubbing your crotch, kissing your neck, or any other late-stage sexual escalation (particularly if you’re not reciprocating) 


If you’ve done a good job at getting her to chase you, then by the time you’re alone and sex is on the table, SHE will generally be the one who’s pushing for it more.

If a girl is really desperate (and thinks you’re not interested in her) she will sometimes start trying to sexually escalate on you BEFORE you’re even alone — like, right in front of other people.

This happened to me on a train once. 

I was with a girl I’d been kissing and her friend, and we were on the train on a way to a party. The train was completely packed, but the girl I was with kept trying to kiss me and even rub my crotch right in front of the old ladies and other passengers who were sitting a few feet away.

It was very awkward, and I kept having to push her off and tell her to control herself. 

It seems unbelievable but many women can take leave of their senses if you’re adept at getting them to chase you in the way I’ll describe tomorrow 

It sets off a “feeding frenzy” type effect where she completely loses the run of herself and can’t focus on anything other than trying to get you to like and desire her

So how do you actually trigger these “chasing” behaviors in a girl? 

It’s probably a matter of just getting her really attracted to you and then it will happen on its own, right?


Actually getting her attracted and getting her CHASING are two VERY different phenomena. 

A girl can be feeling intense attraction for you — but not chase you whatsoever (women are naturally passive, sexually).

So how do you get her chasing? 

Check out the chapter below where we talk about the #1 strategy for triggering her “chase reflex”

PS: 6 Words That Make Her Chase You Sexually (Her Chase Triggers)


In the previous chapter, I promised would teach you the single best strategy for getting a girl to chase you.

I am now about to fulfill that promise! 

What I’m about to give you is not a technique. 

Rather, it’s an overarching PRINCIPLE — and it contains a dozen different but similar techniques within it. 

If you understand the principle, the techniques will take care of themselves. 

The principle can be described in 6 words: “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back”.

This is the master key to getting a girl to INVEST in you and CHASE you.

The first thing you have to understand about “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back” is that it applies at EVERY stage of the interaction. 

It applies to a woman you’re talking to in a bar. 

And it applies to a woman you’re naked in bed with, about to have sex with. 

This is a UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLE of getting someone chasing. 

Basically, it works like this: 

STEP #1. 

You give her a little bit of something good (attention, affection, ego-validation, pleasure) 

And then…

STEP #2. 

You take it away 

Give her a little bit of something good. Then take it away again. Repeat.  

All there is to it. 

Here’s a few hard-hitting practical examples: 

  • You put your hands on her shoulders and stare into her eyes intimately as you talk to her… and then after a few moments of this, you cut off physical contact completely and turn away from her to speak to someone else 
  • You kiss her on the neck, and nibble on her ear… and then just when she’s most aroused, you pull back and cut off contact. You speak to her in a completely platonic, “friendly” way
  • You tell her she’s the most beautiful and radiant and charming woman you’ve ever met… you gush about how utterly adorable she is… and then you walk away without even saying goodbye, and without any explanation (re-approach her a few minutes later) 

Many of you will probably say here “well, this is push/pull isn’t it?”

Kind of. 

People have different definitions of these things. 

I personally don’t think of this as push/pull (although many other people do).

The reason why is that push / pull is a positive and a negative. For example, a compliment followed by a tease. 

But this is different. This is a positive followed by complete withdrawal of attention.

And boy oh boy does this work well to get a woman chasing. 

It’s downright diabolical

Essentially, what you want and need to do is try and create a “VACUUM” 

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of the phrase, “Nature Abhors A Vacuum


Well… if you haven’t, it basically means that “empty or unfilled spaces are unnatural.” 

Here’s how someone smarter than me describes it:

“In physics, a ‘vacuum’ means ‘a true empty space,’. It’s an environment that has totally nothing in it and hence low air pressure. The inside of any vacuum cleaner consists of low air pressure which causes the higher pressure air all around it to quickly get ‘sucked’ in…”  

I may not know shit about physics, but I do know something about women — and it’s this. 

If you start giving a woman ATTENTION (of any kind, verbal or non-verbal)…. and then STOP giving her attention—leaving “true empty space”—it almost always causes her to start chasing you to try to elicit the level of attention she has become accustomed to receiving from you.


So look… 

You probably want to know more about HOW to actually do this in the context of talking to a woman. 

And since I think we’ve covered the theory of the basic principle well…You can go ahead and click this link and see how this is going to work for you in practice. 




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