The Soulmate Embrace Method Review

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Soulmates Embracing Review Hugging Technique pdf free download

One simple 2-word phrase can ignite those lustful desires in your woman’s mind…

…that make her DESPERATE for fulfilling, passionate sex.

Find out what it is – and the best time to use it – in this FREE eBook, from my good friend Susan Bratton:

2-word phrase to make her crave passionate sex


Quick question to start with.

How’s your sex life going right now?

Make sure you’re answering this honestly.

Not to me, but to yourself.

Because most men, although they’re often totally oblivious to it…

…could be experiencing a LOT more sex, passion and intimacy.

Does that sound like you?

Do you have an image in your head of what you wish your sex life COULD be like…

…but have just “settled” for what you’ve got, or don’t know how to make it a reality.

If it does, then listen up.

You – yes, you – can have the sex life you’ve always wanted.

But to do so, you’ve got to switch things up.

You’ve got to leave your comfort zone.

You’ve got to remember just how exciting and emotionally fulfilling truly passionate sex can be…

…and you should let that feeling motivate you every step of the way.

And no:

It’s not that your with the wrong woman or that there’s anything wrong with her.

You just aren’t doing the right things to activate her passion yet.

Best of all, this is something you can LEARN to do.

You can develop the ability to make her ravenous for sex with you.

Susan Bratton has been focusing on this topic for years.

She’s closely observed what works and what doesn’t.

And she’s become a leading expert on how to inject raw sexual passion into a relationship.

One of her eBooks on this topic is currently available for FREE.


If you’d like to fill your relationship with hot, steamy sex and a passion which leaves her CRAVING your intimacy 7 days a week…

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How To Hug And Embrace Your Soulmate Technique Review

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PS: True Intimacy Starts With Special Embrace

One of the most frequently asked relationship questions is…

What makes people fall in love?

The answers are all over the map:
“That person reminds you of your father.”
“You were together in a past life.”
“It’s all about the chemistry.”

And then there are the relationship experts who advise against “falling in love” altogether and suggest you “grow in love” with someone who doesn’t make you a crazy person whenever you think about them.

Bottom line: there’s no way to know what makes “people” fall in love.

But knowing what helps people STAY in love … now there’s a question we CAN answer.

Dear Friend,

Have you heard of the miracle attraction hormone called oxytocin? This “love chemical” is produced in the hypothalamus area of your brain. This hormone makes you feel safe, close, and loved.

One of the activities that triggers an oxytocin rush is hugging.

That’s what Susan Bratton, respected sex advisor to millions, highlights in her new book, The Soulmate Embrace.

And I’ve hooked you up with a free copy!

The Soulmate Embrace is a special hug that generates extra oxytocin. This technique is guaranteed to bring the closeness back into your relationship. Or, if you’re in a new relationship, this is how you build an unshakable love connection from the beginning.

The Soulmate Embrace Method PDF  You Can Download It Now For FREE Here (Limited Time Only)

Susan and her husband of 25+ years used the Soulmate Embrace to reconnect when they’d grown apart. It’s hard to believe that such a happy couple was once about to call it quits. But ten years ago, that’s where they were.

Now they do this embrace as a part of their everyday lives. The sweet act of just melting into each other’s arms reminds them that they are, indeed, soulmates.

That’s soulmate love in action.

And that’s what a daily oxytocin rush can do for you and your partner… strengthen your bond and remind you who you are to each other.

It all starts with an embrace that reaches into the depths of your soul and leaves a permanent smile on your heart. The very thought of it will keep you warm even on the coldest of days.

Download The Soulmates Embrace Method For FREE Here  For Only A Limited Time

The beautifully illustrated ebook may be exactly what you need to give your relationship a boost. Grab it now FREE!

How A Susan Bratton Embraces His Soulmate Reviews Free pdf download

Seize the day,

Taylor Snow

P.S. If the connection you once had with your partner is no longer as strong or as intense … Or if you want to get back to the place where just looking at each other across the room brings on a rush of love … you’ll want to try this beautiful technique. There’s more to know about hugging than you think. Discover what you’ve been missing!

Don’t let your job and other responsibilities turn your partner into a stranger.

I’ve been there.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. And it’s totally free for you to have and to hold.

Discover The Soulmates Embrace  Free Gift For You


Too Stressed For Love? Just Do The Soulmate Embrace Method


Dear Friend,

Sometimes the stresses of life play havoc in our relationships.

Instead of joining hands with your lover to get through it all, your partner becomes yet another source of stress.

Has this ever happened to you?

Have you stopped kissing your lover when you wake up in the morning?

Do you fall asleep on opposite sides of the bed at night?

Has it been days… weeks… months since you whispered “I love you”?

Well, we can’t have that!

Let relationship expert Susan Bratton show you how to get the love back. This simple technique can eliminate any emotional blockage that’s affecting your relationship…

It’s called “The Soulmate Embrace.”

Download The Book For FREE Here  Use The Soulmate Embrace With Your Partner Today

I get it. Sometimes it’s hard to “talk” with your partner when things aren’t going well.
But silence and indifference only makes the situation worse.

With The Soulmates Embrace, you can easily soothe each other’s nerves and move each other to a place of warmth and closeness.

This wonderful technique combines heart-connected body language and passionate skin-to-skin touch to generate strong feelings of love and warmth between lovers.

It’s a truly lovely technique. You definitely want to add it to your repertoire.

Download The Soulmates Embrace Book For FREE Here  Too Stressed For Love? Just Do The Soulmate Embrace

The Susan Bratton Soulmate Embracing Method And Hugging free pdf download







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This Skill Separates Men From Boys And Creates A Sense of Safety Behind Closed Doors


One of the things that separate men who take care of their families during disasters is their knowing of how to calm fearful friends and family members.

It’s not just being physically prepared, but also emotionally strong in leadership that means the difference between thriving or not.

It may sometimes feels to your partner that they can barely survive the stress of today’s modern world.

And that is where you come in with this new technique from men’s relationship expert, Susan Bratton.

She’s come up with a way to hold your partner that reduces stress, lowers cortisol, and improves intimacy between partners in every day living.

Because every day living is stressful enough, this melting hug technique is something partners crave to give and receive, but often forget to do.

Called, The Soulmate Embrace, this hugging skill creates a sense of safety behind closed doors.

The instructions inside this free download are written for the masculine partner, although women read them and describe it to their partner because this is the way women want to be held.

Susan breaks this hold down into 18 steps. And if you’re wondering how any hug could be 18 steps, I encourage you to download and open to page 7. You’ll see why… and you’ll realize that you have not been holding your woman to maximum potential.

Get The Soulmate Embrace technique here for a limited time.

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Susan is giving this away today with no strings attached. She’s an intimacy expert who has created programs such as The Passion Patch and Revive Her Drive as well as Sexual Soulmates.

Normally I stick with the physical, not the emotional stuff. But this technique has impacted my life, and I want you to have it too.

The Soulmate Embrace <== Download eBook Here

Susan Bratton Hugging And Embracing For Soulmates Method free pdf download






Get Yours Now,
Taylor Snow


The Soulmate Embrace Review