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“Rejection-Free” Touches That Trigger Arousal
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Have you ever wondered if there’s a rejection-free way to turn a woman on?

In other words – if there was a way to trigger sexual attraction and arousal, but without risking her saying “no” or you looking like a fool?

Well there is – and the secret lies in how you touch a woman.

Discover how to touch her in a way that’ll turn her on, but won’t risk you rejection here:

“Under-the-radar” touches that trigger arousal (without rejection)


This ties into a question from one self-described clueless dude:


So my woman does all the sort of standard stuff I ask for – lingerie, stripteases etc. – and I want to return the favor. I’ve asked her a bunch of times what I can do for her back, and she won’t give me any ideas.

And apparently I have no creativity because so far all I can come up with is “shower, wear clean underwear and, buy her dinner.”

I can think of a million things that I want her to do, but I can’t come up with anything that she would like me to do. Any ideas? What works for you?


Here are my thoughts on this:

It’s the slow boil that really makes a woman melt. 

I’m talking about a long buildup of light caresses, confident presence, and small, physical thrills throughout the day.  

If you do this right, your woman will find herself getting aroused without even being aware of what’s going on.

The tension will build.

She’ll wonder what you have in store.

And at the end of the day, when you lead her to the bedroom, she will be so turned on that you can expect a night of raw, mind-blowing sex.

She might even look at you in amazement after the fact and thank you for an incredible night.

And it’s all because you made the effort to “set the scene” with a sequence of non-verbal acts throughout the day.

Want to try this yourself?

Then start with small physical touches and gradually build them up to be more intimate and sexual.

All it takes is a little bit of time and effort. 


If you really want to up your game quickly and get your woman’s temperature rising tonight, then use the specific advanced touch techniques outlined here:

Advanced touch techniques that trigger intense arousal 

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Talk soon, 


PS — Most women honestly can’t answer the question of what really turns them on. 

That’s because their attraction is subconscious, and because they look to their man to take the lead. 

If you want to find out what she’s actually hoping for, check out this link 


PS: Touch her HERE to unleash your lover’s hidden “sexual side”


It doesn’t matter if you’re not a “smooth talker”.

You can quickly boost your wife’s sex drive with the power of touch alone.

And when you know exactly where and how to touch her, she could get more aroused than she’s been in years.

Find out more by reading on here…

Secret “arousal zones” on her body that ignite her libido in moments


Touch isn’t the only way to arouse a woman physically – or without words.

The importance of powerful eye contact can’t be overstated either.

We’ve all seen the intense looks that those male heartthrobs in the movies give their co-stars.

Think George Clooney, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan… their characters radiated commanding presence with how they spoke and interacted with women.

After observing these guys, I wanted to see how this translated to the real world.

Now – I’m about to share a pretty personal story.

But it perfectly illustrates the point I’m trying to get across, so I’m happy to do so.

Hopefully it proves that you can achieve similar results!

So, anyway.

I decided to hold a long “film-star” gaze with my own partner to see what would happen.

But I ended up holding it for slightly longer than intended.

(Greedy, I know.)

Confused, she asked me “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, everything’s good” I replied. I maintained the eye contact, even adding a little smirk at the end.

Hey, I thought, if I’m going to do this, I might as well do it properly.

I went and sat on my couch.

Within minutes, she walked over, curled up against me, put one hand around my shoulder… and the other on my leg.

I could tell she was confused by my behaviour – but also pretty turned on.

It confirmed that words weren’t the only tool in my “arousal arsenal”.

And once I added touch to the mix…

…well, let’s just say it was a night we’ll never forget.

To sum up:

Whilst you can turn a woman on with words, it’s not always the most efficient way.

Why spend hours talking to her, hoping you stumble on the one “magic word”…

…when you can make her desperate for sex simply by touching or looking at her in a certain way?

In fact, there’s a few special zones on her body you can (innocently) touch to fill her mind with a raw, primal lust.

They work remarkably quickly, even if she’s never shown much of a sexual side – at least, not until now.

Discover the location of these zones here…

Where to innocently touch your wife (or girlfriend) to activate her desire for sex

Silent Seduction System Review - Seduce Her With Silence Review Book PDF Free Download Manish Leon

Talk soon,




Seduce With Silence Review



Silent Seduction Review


Seduce With Silence Review



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