Stripper Shark Review

How To Successfully Attract,
Seduce And Date Strippers
stripper shark review


This isn’t something I’d normally share with you.

But – as always – I reckon you’ll still find it interesting.

It’s about that classic male fantasy: attracting a stripper.

They’re often incredibly attractive, adventurous women full of sexual energy.

To most men, strippers are miles “out of their league” – they believe approaching them is pointless.

(Unless it’s to pay for a dance… which isn’t really the same.)

However, you DON’T need a chiselled jaw or money to spark her desire…

…and, with this method from my friend Julian Foxx, you can even date and build genuine romantic connections with them too.

It’s all explained in the following video…

Stripper attraction secrets revealed in surprising new video


What’s the primary reason men think they’re incapable of attracting a stripper?


They can ONLY see her as a stripper.

Here’s what I mean by this.

If you saw a stripper at the grocery store, dressed in normal clothes…

…you couldn’t tell what her job was, right?

You’d probably think “she’s attractive”.

But you wouldn’t consider her harder to attract than any other gorgeous woman.

Once she steps out at the strip club, however, she’s right back up on the pedestal again.

She’s this magical woman no man could ever impress.

So, when men DO have the chance to talk to her, either they get too nervous…

…or they think any positive attention is part of the act – and don’t bother trying to escalate.

What to do instead?

First, understand this:

Strip clubs are a pretty weird environment, whether you enjoy them or not.

The usual social rules don’t really apply.

Remember, it’s her job to simply pay attention to you.

That’s the dynamic SHE’S created.

If you want HER to start chasing YOU, you need to break her out of the “fantasy world” – and take control of the interaction yourself.

Like any other woman, she has her own specific arousal triggers.

Triggers that overcome the weird social rules of the strip club.

And let’s be honest: she spends enough of her job dealing with boring, creepy men anyway.

A man who understands how to confidently seduce her is a rare breed.

By doing this, HE sets the rules – he’s the one attracting her and not vice versa.

Which allows him to build the attraction into a genuine romantic connection.

So forget the environment.

Forget that she’s a stripper.

Simply focus on pushing her “attraction buttons” like you would any woman… the numbers, dates and relationships will soon follow.

And if you’re looking for some SPECIFIC actions and words that strippers find particularly appealing, then check out the link below to get started…

Easy “hack” to attract and date strippers

Talk soon,


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PS: 1 Thing Strippers Can’t Resist


If there’s one type of woman that guys are confused about how to attract, it’s strippers.

And it’s easy to see why.

Not only can they seem intimidating as hell while up there working the pole…

Or when they’re hovering over you with their bouncing breasts just inches from your face…

But there’s also a ton of bad information out there about how to seduce them.

And because I know sleeping with a hot stripper is the #1 fantasy for a ton of men…

I want to share with you a secret that I discovered from my buddy Julian Foxx.

If you don’t know Julian, he’s basically the top authority in the world on hooking up with exotic dancers, and it’s amazing how he can wrap them around his finger within minutes.

Julian revealed to me the one thing strippers can’t resist.

Wanna know what it is?

It’s men who know how to dominate her frame.

Let me explain what that means.

A frame is the meaning behind an interaction. For example, if you go to a job interview the frame is the employer is deciding whether or not to hire you for a job.

Well, when you’re in a strip club, the frame a stripper has is that you’re a potential customer…

And she’s going to do everything she can to separate you from as much of your cash as possible. (Don’t hate, that’s just her job.)

While she’ll flirt and give all kinds of signs she’s sexually attracted to you…

It’s only an act. Dancers do NOT hook up with guys who get sucked into their frame.

In fact, it’s a huge turn off for them because they don’t want a weak guy who submits to them.

Instead, you need to dominate her frame with your own frame.

And what’s your frame, you ask?

It’s that you’re the guy she wants to have sex with, but you need to see if she lives up to your standards.

When you know how to overpower her frame with your own, it’s like kryptonite to a stripper…

And she’ll soon accept your frame as reality and see you as the guy she needs to hook up with that night.

Now, you might be wondering exactly how to dominate her frame.

It’s actually pretty simple.

All you need to do is say and do a few key things at the right moment…

And it instantly communicates to her on a subconscious level that your frame is more powerful than hers.

She won’t know why, but she’ll feel a flood of sexual arousal building in her body…

As she realizes there’s something different about you, and she simply has to have you.

My buddy Julian has figured all of this out to an exact science. (It’s actually beautiful to see it in action.)

So if you’d like to attract and sleep with strippers at will, click here to discover his simple method to make it happen.

Seize the day


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Stripper Shark Review